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Last call for tagset nominations! You can nominate HERE. I'll update the glossary below with anything that gets nominated by tonight.

QUESTION: If you nominated "Old Dynasty", what did you mean?

Below is a glossary of the freeform tags for this year's exchange. Please remember that you don't need to use them! They are here a) to specify if you want a story about your requested character(s) in a particular setting or dealing with a specific concept and b) for people want world-building fic and don't care who stars. Whether or not you use the freeforms, you should use the text boxes in the sign-up form to explain what you’re looking for.

For example, if I want fic about Susan and Edmund on a diplomatic mission during their reign, I would request Susan&Edmund (relationship) + Susan (character) + Edmund (character) + Golden Age (freeform), and then I would mention the diplomatic mission in the text box. If I want world-building fic about what happened in Bism after everyone went back, I'd request Underground (freeform), with no characters or relationships, and then explain what I'm looking for in the text box.

Narnian World Time Periods
While the periods are defined by what happened in the country of Narnia, requests for these tags can be for anywhere in that world at that time.
Age of Conquest: Birth of Narnia through right before White Witch seizes power
Age of Winter: White Witch’s reign
Golden Age: Pevensies’ reign
Dark Age: Narnia in anarchy
Telmarine Age: Telmarine conquest through right before Caspian X’s coronation
Age of Exploration: Caspian X’s reign (ie. through the last pages of Silver Chair)
Later Ages: Rilian’s reign onwards
Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies: For stories that ignore large swaths of The Last Battle. Unlike the other tags in this group, this one encompasses a non-canonical Narnian time period after “Later Ages” as well as stories set in our world in which the Friends of Narnia didn't die.

You can use these tags in conjunction with the Time Period tags if, for example, you want a story about Archenland during the Long Winter. Or you can use them alone if you want anything about these places, set at any time.
Archenland: stories set in Archenland or predominantly starring Archenlandian characters (Aravis counts)
Aslan’s Country: could be about things like Jill at the beginning of Silver Chair, or a post-Last Battle story
Calormen: stories set in Calormen or predominantly starring Calormene characters (Aravis counts)
Charn: self-explanatory
The Eastern Sea: for stories about the territory explored in Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the creatures, concepts and people found there
Setting: England: stories set anywhere and at any time in our world (doesn’t have to be England)
Underground: stories set in the underground realms of the Narnian world and/or about their inhabitants
Wood Between the Worlds: stories that use or explore this place

Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence: For all canon divergences other than the ones encompassed by “Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies”
Alternate Universe - Different Setting: Characters have always existed in a different scenario (various historical eras, various professions, etc.)
Backstory: Could be for a character or concept, to be explained in the details/prompt
Worldbuilding: Open-ended, to cover places, eras, concepts, little-known characters, etc. not covered by other tags

Canonical Concepts & Worldbuilding Elements
Creation of Narnia: self-explanatory
Friends of Narnia: for if you want something about the group or if you don't care which character within the group is the star
Magic/Spells and Curses: defined as you wish to cover stories exploring magical concepts (both canonical and non-canonical)
Mythical Beings & Creatures: about any of the beings mentioned (or not mentioned)
Mythology & Folklore: defined as you wish
Narnian Subcultures: about the various creatures who live in Narnia (ex. fauns, marsh-wiggles, dryads, etc.) and/or the interspecies politics and cultural issues
Dimension Travel: stories that send characters on world-hopping adventures not covered by the books; also stories that explore concepts related to inter-dimensional travel (ex. the Wood, the rings)
The Problem of Susan: defined as you wish
Time Shenanigans: exploring the time lapse/aging issues associated with dimension travel
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