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mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose ([personal profile] snacky) wrote in [community profile] narniaexchange2017-09-09 09:10 am


Reminder: your stories are due by tonight, at midnight!

I'm not a stickler on time zones. Midnight your time is when the fics are due. I'll be checking first thing tomorrow morning, if you need that last bit of cushion. :)

Also: I am aware that Hurricane Irma might throw off some participants' ability to post (to say the very least). I've already heard from one person on this issue.

If you're likely to be affected by the storm, please don't worry about the NFE! Your safety is far more important than your story, and we will find pinch-hitters if necessary.

What this means to everyone else: please watch your email and the community for pinch-hits! I don't expect this to be a big issue, and we've always been able to open the collection on time, but if people need time to finish up their stories, we'll delay the opening to make sure everything is complete.

As always: thank you for understanding, for participating in the NFE, and for being such a lovely group!