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Hello everyone!

First up, here's the link to [livejournal.com profile] tantella's story that she wrote for the Big Bang:

Until Lambs Become Lions

Go, read, tell her how wonderful it was. We'll be here when you get back. :)


Okay, now that you're back, our second topic is the Narnia Fic Exchange.

After looking at the survey results, I see that many people want a longer writing time. So this year, you'll have 8 weeks of writing time (and maybe a few extra days depending on how long it takes to match everyone up)! Now, you don't have to take all this time - if you were fine with the shorter writing period, and your story is finished beforehand, feel free to send it along when it's done. This is for the people who wanted more time. But remember, it's still a minimum of 1000 words - it doesn't increase because of the longer writing time, do not worry.

Of course, if you want to write a longer story, that would be great! As long as you want, and everyone will be happy. But the minimum is 1000 words.

Here's the dates you need to know:

Signups open: June 9
Signups close: June 19
Prompts sent out: by June 24
Fics due: anytime before August 19
Posting begins: August 26

Here are your basic rules:

1) You must submit a story of 1000 words by the deadline. If you need an extension, you must contact us before the deadline to arrange this. If the deadline passes and we do not have your fic, it will be assigned to a pinch-hitter.

2) You must use a beta. If you turn in an unbetaed story, it will be returned to you for corrections.

3) If you need to drop out, YOU NEED TO CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW.If you drop out without contacting us, you may be banned from future fic exchanges.

4) Your fic must be formatted to post on Livejournal. In the longer rules post (to come), there will be information on how to do this.

Those are the basics - more information with be posted when signups open.

If you have any questions, please comment here, or feel free to email to narniaficexchange@gmail.com!
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Hello folks!

Unfortunately, the Big Bang went out with a whimper, as participants dropped out and I ran into a bunch of offline conflicts that left me out of touch for a while. Sorry about that! :( If there's interest next year, we'll try it again, but if not, it was fun while it lasted.

We had one participant who finished her story (yay, [livejournal.com profile] tantella!), and I'm going to work with her to (hopefully!) post it to the comm (formatting issues ahoy! :D). If that doesn't work out, we will post a link to the work on Fanfiction.net.

Sorry that was a bust!


On to the NFE! If there is interest in it, we can have it again this summer. I was going to attempt it on AO3 this year, but since I am already having computer issues, I'd rather not complicate things. So if it runs, it will be on LJ again (with the DW comm as backup, if needed).

I don't know, are people interested in participating in the NFE? Should we skip a year? You tell me! Here's a poll:

[Poll #1912967]

Thank you for taking the poll! Please use the comments for any questions, ideas, concerns, etc. Or email to narniaficexchange@gmail.com
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Hello, authors! Today is the day for the first check-in. Remember you need to send us a basic outline and your current word count. Watch your inboxes! All you need to do is reply to the email with this information.

If you have any questions or concerns, email or comment here.
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1) Signups for the Big Bang are still open! You know you have that big story in you, that you're dying to tell! Don't forget to sign up and share it with us!

2) This comm has been hit hard by spambots, so I turned on CAPTCHA on for comments by non-members. I'm hoping that helps cut down on the spam.
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Signup here if you’d like to beta for the Narnia Big Bang Challenge! Copy and paste the form below, fill it out, and post it in a comment on this post.

Authors will contact you themselves if they need a beta.

Beta signups close January 19th.

For rules and the full schedule, go here!

And don’t forget about author and artist signups!
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Signups for the Narnia Big Bang Challenge are now open! Fill out the form below, post it in a comment on this post, and... that's all you have to do!

Copy and paste this into the comments and fill it out. Comments won’t be screened this time, since there is no secret exchange involved.

Remember, it's not required that you claim a prompt. If you are not claiming one, you can just leave that blank. Do not worry if someone else claims the same prompt - it's fine if multiple people claim the same one. And if you claim a prompt and change your mind while writing, that's fine too! No need to ask permission to change prompts.

Signups close November 17th. You don’t have to wait for us to send you prompts/requests this time so...get to work!

For rules and the full schedule, go here.

And don’t forget about beta and artist signups!
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Artist signups for the Narnia Big Bang Challenge are open! Copy and paste the form below, fill it out, then post it in a comment on this post. That's all you have to do!

Signups for artists close January 19th. Please note that this is different from the author signup closing date. Once authors have submitted their story drafts, summaries will be posted for artists to claim.

For rules and the full schedule, go here!

And don’t forget about author and beta signups!
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This is a poll to see if people are interested in doing a Big Bang this year, and if so, how. No guarantees, I just want to see if people want to do it, and what they would like from it.

Big Bang info is here, if you want to refresh your memory. :)

[Poll #1871582]

Sample Schedule (not actual dates, just to give you an idea):

Prompts posting:October 28 - November 3
Prompt claiming and author sign-ups:November 4 - 17
Beta Reader sign-ups:November 4 - January 19
Artist sign-ups:November 4 - January 19
First Check-in (current word count and basic outline due):December 15
Second Check-in (current word count and beta name due):January 26
First Draft and summaries due:February 23
Artist claiming:February 24 - March 2
Third Check-in:March 30
Final Version and Final Art due:April 14th
Posting begins:May 1

So, if there's enough interest, I'll run one again. :)

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