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And we're done! All forty fics has been posted. I am so amazed at the diversity, originality and quality of all the fics this year. You guys have done a marvellous job.

This week's fics:

your least gesture beckoned a constellation
In Stony Places
The Stone's Sermon
A Bit of Home

Mod Note: Now that the main part of the exchange is over, it's time for the second part. Awards! Look out for a post telling you what to do. I hope you are all excited and willing to participate in this part too, or else it won't really work.
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Our fifth week of fic posting is over, and we have only a few fics left. All of them are fics that belong to no one because they were written for people who dropped out. That is also why I am not posting the prompts. This is the only punishment I'm giving to the drop-outs, I'm denying them the knowledge of which fic should have been theirs. I think that's fair. They didn't write a fic, thus they do not get to receive a fic. They are welcome to join us again next year, I'm not banning anyone, I'm only doing this.

Here's this weeks fics:

The Tale of the Bearded Glass
A Kingdom For Second Sons
Up To The Stars Above
No Regrets
Growing Stagnant
All the Shattered Pieces
could sleep for centuries

Mod Note: Be ready for awards when the posting is done. I hope you are all excited!
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Wow, you guys, another week is over. Seven lovely fics has been posted, and we have only ten fics left in the cue.

This weeks fics:

Noble Order of the Lion
Fitting In
Fire and Ice
There is a Tide
On the Ground
Of Apples and Stories
Charmed Life

Mod Note: I want to remind you all of the awards we are going to have. Give it some extra thought when you read the fics. A funny line? Make a note so you can nominate it later!
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Yet an other week has past and we are halfway through our heap of fics. Look forward to more, and don't forget to review!

This weeks fics:

The Swan Queen
Anywhere But In Between
(Re)learning the beauty of family
Annals of Kings
A new dawn
Damsel of the Day
Between the Worlds
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Two weeks have gone by, and fourteen excellent fics have been posted. I am so happy with the quality of every single fic. They are all original, and not one the same. I love that so many characters have been written about and not just the usual four Pevensies.

Here's this weeks fics:

The Land of Silent Seas
The Maenad of the Maquis
All Heart's Desires Met

Mod note:
I hope you all will keep reviewing! There are loads of more fic coming. Even though your fic has been posted, please don't lose interest in the rest of the exchange!

And don't forget the awards.
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And we've made it through one week! Seven wonderful fics have been posted. I'm going to make one of these summary posts every Sunday, so you can make sure that you've read every fic that's been posted.

This weeks fics:

More than kisses, letters mingles souls
Of the Heart Where I Have Roots
Talking of Michelangelo
A Great Escape Indeed
Your Journey's End
A Sadder and Wiser Man
Under Cover

And now I'm so happy to reveal that this year we're going to have Awards!

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