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Polls close at midnight EST tonight, so don't forget to vote!
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Nominations have closed, and now it's time to vote! The polls will be open until Friday night, so you'll have time to reread any of the nominees, if you need help deciding which to vote for. :)

[Poll #1647747]

Voting is anonymous - no one can see who you voted for. If you don't have a Livejournal account and would like to vote, please feel free to cast your votes in the comments, which will be screened.

Happy voting!
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The nominations are still going on. It would be great if you could take a minute and nominate some of your favourites. I know you have them! Don't assume your favourites will make the polls without your help.

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Narnia Fic Exchange Awards: How to nominate a fic

There are seven categories. You can nominate three fics in each category. You can only nominate once in each category, but you don't have to nominate in each category or nominate three, if you only feel one or two fit the category. (Have I said category enough now?)

The categories are:

Favourite fic over all
Funniest fic
Saddest/darkest fic

Best characterisation of a Pevensie
Best characterisation of a character (no Pevensies can be nominated.)

Funniest quote
Favourite scene

There are five spots for each category. You will have a week to nominate, or as long as it takes to fill up all the spots.

To make things easy, I'll make the comments screened, so all you have to do is nominate straight into a comment.

You do not have to be a participant to nominate/vote on fics. I don't care if I've never seen your name, if you've just wandered in, or reviewed only a couple of fics. If you want to nominate something, PLEASE DO!

Questions goes either in a pm to me, or narniaficexchange@gmail.com

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