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Both collections have the authors revealed now, and that wraps up the NFE for this year.

Thank you to everyone who participated -- you make the NFE the success it is, with your fabulous stories, and your hard work. Thank you especially to the pinch-hitters who stepped in to write some wonderful fic at the drop of a hat. And thanks to everyone who joined in the Madness Round. That was an extra bit of fun, and I was glad to see so many stories this year.

If you have any suggestions for next year, feel free to leave a comment here, or email me at narniaficexchange@gmail.com

See you all next year, same time, same place!
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Both collections are open! Go, read, enjoy! :D AND DON'T FORGET TO THANK YOUR WRITER!
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Hey folks! I had a couple of people suggest that instead of waiting for the week between the fic due date and reveals, I could open the prompts now and give people extra time to write treats.

This would mean that you'd have a longer time to write treats than just a Madness week. So it would work out for people who aren't fast writers (I count myself among those!) or people who didn't sign up for the exchange, but would still like to participate.

I envision it like this:

I would reveal all prompts ASAP, people could chose a prompt to write in addition to their assignment. That's important: even if you choose another prompt (or multiple prompts) to treat, you still have to complete your assignment by the due date.

You don't have to participate. Madness and treats are never mandatory.

You don't have to be a participant in the regular exchange to write treats. You'd be writing a treat, but not receiving one.

People could write as many treats as they'd like, and multiple people could write the same prompts.

You could post any treats to the NFE Madness Collection. You'd still have that extra week to write, after all the stories are due, too, and both collections will be revealed on August 30th.

[Poll #2016790]

Thanks for voting! If you don't have an LJ account to vote with, you can comment and I'll take that into consideration!
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Yes, after a little problem with AO3, assignments have finally been sent! And one day early, too! :D

You should all have received your assignments - remember, you have been matched on at least one thing you offered/your recipient requested, not all offers/requests.

Happy writing, and remember, your assignment is due on Sunday, August 23rd!
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Thanks to everyone who signed up, we have a great turnout this year!

I'll be working on the matching, and you'll have your assignments no later than Sunday, July 12th.

Two things!

Jul. 6th, 2015 12:03 am
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1) I was going to close signups tonight at midnight, but due to me having internet connectivity problems, I'm going to leave them open for 24 more hours. So if you haven't signed up, know someone who still wants to sign up, or if you want to edit your signup, you have time.

2) Prompt fest! Again, internet connectivity issues kept me from posting this earlier, but please feel free to post some prompts in the comments! Go wild! :D

I am waiting for a repair person tomorrow, so hopefully my internet issues will be fixed by tomorrow night, but if not, I'll keep you posted. I do have a backup plan in place, so things should be moving smoothly from now on.
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1) You have until Sunday night to signup for this year's NFE! Signups will be open until 11:59 p.m. EDT, so you still have time!

2) I know some people have mentioned blanking out at the thought of prompts. Would a prompt fest be helpful? Everyone can post prompts to give new ideas! Let me know if this will be helpful, and I'll create a post for it.
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Please, please, please sign up for pinch-hitting* here. Last year there were a few fics that needed pinch-hitting, and it'll probably happen this round too.

Same rules apply as when signing up for beta duty. You don't have to be a participant in the exchange to be a pinch-hitter, just someone who can turn around a thousand word fic in a short time frame.

*Pinch-hitting is what happens when a writer drops out of the exchange for whatever reason and someone steps up to write the abandoned request. That someone is the pinch-hitter.

This post will be screened. Your name will be added to the pinch-hitter list, and if we need a pinch hitter, you'll receive an email with the prompt details.

Copy and paste this into the comments and fill it out:


Thank you! :)

ETA: For some reason, I can't get automatic comment screening to work on this entry, but I will be screening the comments after the fact. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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This is the post where you sign up for beta duty. You don't have to be a member of this comm, or participating in the exchange to be a beta. If you are willing to help the writers, please sign up!

Copy and paste this in the comments and fill in the details:

Email: (if you are not comfortable with giving out your email, just write PM here, and make sure that your LJ can receive PM's from users that are not your friends.)

The authors will contact you if they need a beta.
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Yes, that's right, signups are finally open! Get your requests and offers ready to go!

Here is a handy tutorial on how to sign up for an fic exchange on AO3:

Handy tutorial!

Here is the link to the signup form:

Signup form!

Here is the tagset:


Info about the freeform tags:

Freeform Tags & Glossary!

NOTE: Because there was some confusion about this last year:

Remember, if you have multiple prompts, you can make multiple (up to five) requests! All your prompts don't have to be in one request. I am mentioning this because last year some people's prompts had more characters than they had requested, because you can only request five characters per request. But if you make more than one request, you can request more characters.

Also, if you are requesting relationships, make sure to request those characters as well! The matching will be done by characters first! If you haven't requested those characters, but want them in a relationship, you're unlikely to be matched on those.

Here is an example of how multiple requests would look... )

So you can see I had five prompts, so I made five requests. I was able to request more than five characters, because I used the multiple requests. I also requested relationships, AND the characters involved in those relationships.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments, or email to narniaficexchange@gmail.com
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As you've seen, the tag set is ready to go! [livejournal.com profile] aurilly has posted the info here, so you'll know more about the freeform tags you're choosing when you sign up.

Signups will open at 3 p.m. EST.

I will also be posting a beta signup post, and a pinch-hitter sign up post here in the comm, so don't forget about those.

HUGE HUGE thanks [livejournal.com profile] aurilly for her work in whipping the tags into shape!

Remember, if you need a code for AO3, just email me at narniaficexchange@gmail.com, and I will send you one.

Any questions? Ask away!
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AO3 has a bug that hides the freeform tags in the tagset, so see below for a glossary outlining in broad (and subjective!) terms what each tag means, so that requesters and offerers are generally on the same page.

The tags are broad Narnia-relevant terms and concepts, or really common and broad fic genres. If you don’t have a particular character or pairing in mind, you can use the freeform tags to be matched with someone who’ll write world-building fic. Freeform tags are optional; they are not your prompt. Whether or not you use the freeforms, you should use the text boxes in the sign-up form to explain what kind of story you’re looking for. Some nominated tags were rejected because they were overly specific, or were non-Narnia relevant tropes, preferences or story ideas that should be requested in optional details.

Freeform Tags & Glossary )
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Like last year, this post is to clarify some of the nominations. We’re trying to arrive at a final set of freeform tags that are broad enough to be requestable by multiple people for multiple prompts.

The goal of tags is to make it easier to match participants on broad, Narnia-relevant parameters (ex. canon time periods, locations, magical concepts) or broad genres (ex. AUs, backstory, worldbuilding), even if they don’t have a particular character or pairing in mind. Please remember that your prompt will still be written out in the optional details; the tag doesn't need to encompass it. If you’re requesting specific characters or pairings, you don’t have to request any freeform tags at all! Even if a tag gets rejected, you should still ask for the thing in your optional details.

We’ll post a glossary of the final tag set, with definitions, when sign-ups open.

Tag Set Nomination Questions )

NFE 2015

Jun. 9th, 2015 03:36 pm
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Yes, it's that time again! Start thinking up what you want to nominate and request, because all the Narnia fic will be yours soon!

Last year was a success, so we're running on AO3 again this year. If you need a code for AO3, just email me and I'll send you one.

Collection on AO3

Tag Set

Tag nominations are open now! It will work the same way it did last year, so you might want to refer back to those posts to refresh your memories when nominating.

Here are the important dates for the exchange:

Tag nominations open: June 9th
Signups open: June 24th
Signups close: July 5th
Assignments sent out: by July 12th
Fics due: anytime before August 23rd
Madness: August 23rd - August 30th
Collections opens: August 30th
Authors revealed: September 6th

These are pretty firm right now. It worked out really well last time for everyone to have more than a month of writing time, so that's back. The collections will open on August 30th, as long as everyone has a story (if we're waiting on pinch-hitters, it will be later than the posted time).

As you can see, I've built a Madness Round into the schedule, since people enjoyed that last year, but it's not mandatory. And if you just want to participate in the Madness Round, that's fine too.

Obviously the exchange will not be double-blind (as it has been in years past) you will know who you are writing for. If people want to write "Dear NFE Writer" letters and post them on LJ/Dreamwidth/Tumblr/wherever, that is fine, but not mandatory! You can put everything you want in your signup, if you like.

In the past, you've been allowed to request crossovers, and fic set in other people's fanverses. You can still do that, but those will have to go in the optional details part of the signup.

There will also be a box in the offer part of the signup where you, as a writer, can talk about what you like to write, and also put ONE OR TWO dealbreakers of what you can't write (for example, "no incest and I hate Edmund Pevensie"). Bear in mind that it would be extremely unusual in this exchange for you to say, "I can't write slash" and then get matched to someone who only requests slash. Most participants offer several options of what they want, and I don't see this changing.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Go forth, nominate, and ask any questions you have and I will try to answer them! You can email at narniaficexchange@gmail.com too.

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