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Jun. 9th, 2015 03:36 pm
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Yes, it's that time again! Start thinking up what you want to nominate and request, because all the Narnia fic will be yours soon!

Last year was a success, so we're running on AO3 again this year. If you need a code for AO3, just email me and I'll send you one.

Collection on AO3

Tag Set

Tag nominations are open now! It will work the same way it did last year, so you might want to refer back to those posts to refresh your memories when nominating.

Here are the important dates for the exchange:

Tag nominations open: June 9th
Signups open: June 24th
Signups close: July 5th
Assignments sent out: by July 12th
Fics due: anytime before August 23rd
Madness: August 23rd - August 30th
Collections opens: August 30th
Authors revealed: September 6th

These are pretty firm right now. It worked out really well last time for everyone to have more than a month of writing time, so that's back. The collections will open on August 30th, as long as everyone has a story (if we're waiting on pinch-hitters, it will be later than the posted time).

As you can see, I've built a Madness Round into the schedule, since people enjoyed that last year, but it's not mandatory. And if you just want to participate in the Madness Round, that's fine too.

Obviously the exchange will not be double-blind (as it has been in years past) you will know who you are writing for. If people want to write "Dear NFE Writer" letters and post them on LJ/Dreamwidth/Tumblr/wherever, that is fine, but not mandatory! You can put everything you want in your signup, if you like.

In the past, you've been allowed to request crossovers, and fic set in other people's fanverses. You can still do that, but those will have to go in the optional details part of the signup.

There will also be a box in the offer part of the signup where you, as a writer, can talk about what you like to write, and also put ONE OR TWO dealbreakers of what you can't write (for example, "no incest and I hate Edmund Pevensie"). Bear in mind that it would be extremely unusual in this exchange for you to say, "I can't write slash" and then get matched to someone who only requests slash. Most participants offer several options of what they want, and I don't see this changing.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Go forth, nominate, and ask any questions you have and I will try to answer them! You can email at too.
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Hello, folks! Now that the Big Bang is completed, your mods have been discussing this summer's Narnia Fic Exchange.

We're considering moving the NFE off Livejournal to the Archive of Our Own. For those of you unfamiliar with AO3, it's a multifandom archive that hosts fanfic, fanart, podfic and fanvids.

One thing the AO3 does is host fic exchanges (two big ones are Yuletide and Remix Redux). I help in modding Remix Redux, and I have noticed how it makes things easier, in terms of modding, by hosting the exchange there.

Two main reasons we are thinking of moving:

1) Authors would be responsible for formatting and uploading their fic by deadline.

2) The ease of dropping out for participants.If the NFE is on AO3, people would not have to contact us, all they would have to do is click a button and they would drop out and we would be automatically notified.

Other things we can do at AO3: we can reveal one story a day, just like we do on LJ. There's an option to reveal all the stories at once, but most people seem to like the reveal of one fic a day. We can also do automated matching for writers and recipients, and assign pinch-hitters for defaulters.

The AO3 staff have answered a few questions I have had already about the exchange, and I have been playing around with creating the collection and seeing how to manage it.

And if you don't have an account on AO3, don't worry about it - I can request account codes for all the people who need them. I feel like we could have a good experience on AO3.

The biggest concern I see about moving off of LJ is that people don't like change. I understand! I do not like change myself! But this is a post for discussion and questions, so if you have other concerns, you can bring them up here.

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