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Hello all! Just letting you know, after a slight delay, matching is going on, and your assignments should be going out sometime today. If you don't have your assignment by midnight tonight, please let me know ASAP!

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Please, please, please sign up for pinch-hitting* here. Last year there were a few fics that needed pinch-hitting, and it'll probably happen this round too.

Same rules apply as when signing up for beta duty. You don't have to be a participant in the exchange to be a pinch-hitter, just someone who can turn around a thousand word fic in a short time frame.

*Pinch-hitting is what happens when a writer drops out of the exchange for whatever reason and someone steps up to write the abandoned request. That someone is the pinch-hitter.

This post will be screened. Your name will be added to the pinch-hitter list, and if we need a pinch hitter, you'll receive an email with the prompt details.

Copy and paste this into the comments and fill it out:


If there are

Thank you! :)
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This is the post where you sign up for beta duty. You don't have to be a member of this comm, or participating in the exchange to be a beta. If you are willing to help the writers, please sign up!

Copy and paste this in the comments and fill in the details:

Email: (we need an email so folks who need a beta can get in touch with you)

The authors will contact you if they need a beta.
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I hope you're ready with your requests and offers! :D

Here is a handy tutorial on how to sign up for an fic exchange on AO3:

Handy tutorial!

Here is the link to the signup form:

Signup form!

Here is the tagset:


Info about the freeform tags (thank you, [personal profile] aurilly!):

Freeform Tags & Glossary!

NOTE: Because there was some confusion about this in previous years:

Remember, if you have multiple prompts, you can make multiple (up to five) requests! All your prompts don't have to be in one request. I am mentioning this because last year some people's prompts had more characters than they had requested, because you can only request five characters per request. But if you make more than one request, you can request more characters.

Also, if you are requesting relationships, make sure to request those characters as well! The matching will be done by characters first! If you haven't requested those characters, but want them in a relationship, you're unlikely to be matched on those.

Here is an example of how multiple requests would look... )

So you can see I had five prompts, so I made five requests. I was able to request more than five characters, because I used the multiple requests. I also requested relationships, AND the characters involved in those relationships.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments, or email to
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Last call for tagset nominations! You can nominate HERE. I'll update the glossary below with anything that gets nominated by tomorrow.

Below is a glossary of the freeform tags for this year's exchange. Please remember that you don't need to use them! They are here a) to specify if you want a story about your requested character(s) in a particular setting or dealing with a specific concept and b) for people want world-building fic and don't care which characters it’s about. Whether or not you use the tags, you should use the text boxes in the sign-up form to explain what you’re looking for.

NFE 2017 Tag Set Glossary )
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Just letting you know, it's time to start nominating tags!

NFE 2017 Tag Set

For fandom, we're just using Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis.

You can nominate up to ten characters, up to ten relationships, and up to ten freeforms.

Here's last year's Tag Set, so you can get ideas from there. If there are any questions, please let us know!
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[personal profile] lady_songsmith and [personal profile] aurilly are onboard again as mods, so a hello from all of us to both returning and new NFE folks! Welcome to our new home on Dreamwidth. You don't need a DW journal to participate in the NFE, and can comment anonymously, but please make sure to sign your comment/leave an email if you are a participant/need a follow up.

We'll be running on AO3 again this year. If you need a code for AO3, just leave a comment here with your email, or email or and I'll send you one.

Collection on AO3

Tag Set

Tag nominations will open soon, so start thinking of tags! It will work the same way it did last year, and here's last year's Tag Set to refresh your memory. [personal profile] aurilly is the Tag Goddess, so keep your eyes peeled for some posts from her on the topic.

Here is the TENTATIVE* schedule for the exchange:

Tag nominations open: July 5th
Signups open: July 12th
Signups close: July 21st
Assignments sent out: by July 24th
Fics due: anytime before August 26th
Prompts Revealed/Madness: July 13th - September 2nd
Main collection opens: September 3rd
Authors revealed: September 10th

*Reasons for the tentativeness of this schedule: getting tags finalized before the assignments go out, and any AO3 glitches like last year where I couldn't generate assignments. I will make sure to update the schedule in this comm, if there are changes.

This year instead of a Madness/Treats collection, we'll be posting treats in the main collection. You will need to tag them as treats. Prompts will be revealed about two weeks into the writing period, and that will give you time to write treats. Due to the reveal of prompts, obviously the exchange will not be double-blind (as it used to be in years past) and you will know who you are writing for.

As usual, Madness is not mandatory, but it's always fun. And if you choose not to participate in the Main Exchange and just in Madness, that's fine!

If people want to write "Dear NFE Writer" letters and post them on LJ/Dreamwidth/Tumblr/wherever, that is fine, but not mandatory! You can put everything you want in your signup, if you like.

In the past, you've been allowed to request crossovers, and fic set in other people's fanverses. You can still do that, but those will have to go in the optional details part of the signup. You cannot request crossovers and fanverses only, though, as your assigned writer may not be familiar with the other fandom/fanverse. So remember to include some canonical requests.

There will also be a box in the offer part of the signup where you, as a writer, can talk about what you like to write, and also put ONE OR TWO dealbreakers of what you can't write (for example, "no incest and I hate Edmund Pevensie"). Bear in mind that it would be extremely unlikely (I mean, it's never ever happened before) in this exchange for you to say, "I can't write slash" and then get matched to someone who only requests slash. Most participants offer several options of what they want, and I don't see this changing.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Start thinking up tags, watch this space for more announcements, and ask any questions you have and we will try to answer them! You can email at too.

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