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Jul. 15th, 2014 05:45 pm
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1) My apologies for running late with this. Real life has been playing havoc with my online one, I'm sorry.

2) As requested by several people, we are having a nominations period. Nominations are currently open, and you can go here to nominate characters and relationships.

I know some people are more interested in world-building, so I think it'll work if you nominate "world-building" as a character. That way, when signups are open, people can both request and offer it.

3) Here are the important dates for the exchange:

Signups open: July 25th
Signups close: August 1st
Assignments sent out: by August 4th
Fics due: anytime before September 13th
Collection opens: September 20th
Authors revealed: September 27th

These are pretty firm right now. It worked out really well last time for everyone to have more than a month of writing time, so that's back. The collection will open on September 20th, as long as everyone has a story (if we're waiting on pinch-hitters, it will be later than the posted time).

4) We can have a madness round again, if people would like! I'll open up all the prompts after the assignment deadline, so that week before reveal can be madness time.

5) Obviously the exchange will not be double-blind this year, you will know who you are writing for. If people want to write "Dear NFE Writer" letters and post them on LJ/Dreamwidth/Tumblr/wherever, that is fine, but not mandatory! You can put everything you want in your signup, if you like.

6) I've fine tuned the signup form, and the test matching was helpful, so I think we're all set there! *fingers crossed*

In the past, you've been allowed to request crossovers, and fic set in other people's fanverses. You can still do that, but those will have to go in the optional details part of the signup.

There will also be a box in the offer part of the signup where you, as a writer, can talk about what you like to write, and also put ONE OR TWO dealbreakers of what you can't write (for example, "no incest and I hate Edmund Pevensie"). Bear in mind that it would be extremely unusual in this exchange for you to say, "I can't write slash" and then get matched to someone who only requests slash. Most participants offer several options of what they want, and I don't see this changing.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Go forth, nominate, and ask any questions you have and I will try to answer them! You can email at too.

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