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So, I've had a couple of questions about multiple stories written for the same prompt. Evidently some of you were really inspired! \o/

The questions were about whether I could post them as part of the NFE, or if the authors could post them elsewhere. I am always fine with any of the stories written for the NFE being posted elsewhere, but only after all the stories for the round are posted, so the authors are revealed. This applies to secondary stories as well.

However, if people are interested, I would be glad to post them to the comm first, as a kind of "bonus story" for the recipient.

I can see doing this one of two ways:

1) I can post all the stories submitted for the recipients, and when everyone has received at least one story, I can post the bonus stories at the end of the posting.

2) We can do a week of Madness posting, similar to Yuletide Madness. I could post all the prompts, and people could write stories (of any length!) for these prompts, and post them to the comm, either before posting begins (in the week between the deadline and posting, so August 19th - 26th); or after all the stories are posted (so post-September 30th, give or take a few days).

If we went with the second way, I would open the community to posting by all members, so you could post the stories yourself to the comm. They would not have to be anonymous, they would not have to beta-ed, they could be any length (from drabble on up), and you would not have to be signed up to the NFE to participate, you would only have to join the community to post.

The drawbacks I see to this are:

- there is no guarantee that people would get more than one story, so I don't want people feeling bad that they don't more stories.
- people would feel pressure to write multiple stories, and would feel bad if they can't do so.
- if the Madness round is before regular posting, assigned writers might feel that their stories about being overshadowed by Madness fics (we could get around this by just revealing the prompts and not the name of the prompter, I guess).

So, bearing all that in mind, I am going to ask you to tell me what you think, once again. :)

[Poll #1929118]

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] aurilly has a third suggestion for how to proceed with additional prompts in a Madness round, see the comments.

Thank you! And remember, if you're not participating in the NFE, you can still vote in this poll, if you're interested in a Madness round.

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